Suspension Kits

Squeaking front end? Want a smoother ride out of your Mustang? A new suspension set up will make a world of difference in how your car handles in all kinds of road conditions and the following kits are designed to give you that kind of ride at the best price:

Front Suspension $380.00
Upper control arms
Lower control arms
Coil spring saddles
Strut rod bushings
End link kit

Rear Suspension $250.00
Leaf springs (Std)*
Shackle kit
Eye bolts

*($20.00 for upgrade to Hi-Lift 4-Leaf Springs)

Handling Kit* $535.00
Coil Springs
Front 1" sway bar
Gas shocks (4)
Leaf springs (4-leaf)
Coil spring insulators
Shackle kit
Eye Bolts

*Special Handling Kit with KYB Shocks is available for an additional $80.00.

Upgrade to performance rear springs for an additional $40.00.


Interior Kits
Two interior kits are available depending on how extensive your restoration project may be. These kits are designed to provide all necessary materials at the best price. Instead of purchasing each item separately, save money and purchase one of these interior kits:

Interior Kit #1 $620.00
Full set upholstery
Sun visors
Door Panels
Front & Rear glass gaskets
Kick Panels
Pinch windlace
Door panel clips
Arm rest pads & bases
Quarter upholstery (cvt only)

* without Fastback folddown

Above price is for 65/6 standard interior. Pony/Deluxe Interior is $715.00 cpe/cvt and $25.00 extra for fastback models. For above kit, add $20.00 for standard 67 interior and $25.00 for a standard 68 interior. Carpeting for the fastback folddown is an extra $20.00.

Interior Kit #2 $470.00
Full set upholstery
Door panels
Kick panels
Arm rest pads & bases
*without fastback folddown

Kit price is based on 65/6 standard interior. Pony/deluxe interior is $585.00 plus $20.00 for fastback models. Add $20 for 67/8 standard interiors. Carpeting for the fastback folddown is an extra $20.00.